Airis Janus 2 in 1 510 thread and Pod Battery System Black


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The Airistech Janus Vaporizer is an innovative 2 in 1 device for oils with powerful 650mAh battery that is designed to support both 510 oil cartridges and pod atomizers.

It’s designed with a connection on either end of the device. On the top you can connected your oil pod attachments (14 x 5.7mm) and on the bottom you have a traditional 510 threading ready to fit all of your oil cartridges.

The Janus Vape is equipped with advanced variable voltage controls that will allow you to match your entire arsenal of attachments with the perfect output for top performance at all times.

It’s controlled easily and discreetly using one button and an LED power indicator system that makes the whole process a breeze. First power the device on by rapidly clicking the button 5 times.

When it’s successfully unlocked the LED light flashes three times to let you know the device is ready for use. Select your voltage power setting by hitting the button three times.

The Airis Janus Vaporizer’s light will power on and begin displaying three unique colors. Each color represents a different voltage setting (3.4V Green, 3.7V Blue, 4.2V Red), press the button again when it shows your ideal setting to lock it in.

It’s also equipped with a cutting-edge preheat mode to make working with thicker concentrates or clogged cartridges an easier experience. When the occasion calls for it just double click it’s power button and the Janus Vape will use a low output to warm your cartridge for up to 15 second cycles while displaying a multi-color changing LED light.

Connect your atomizer (sold separately) and press/hold the button to heat it for up to 10 seconds at a time. The Airis Janus Mod will only fire while it has one atomizer connected.

Grab one today and power your whole collection of oil atomizers using one compact and travel-friendly device.

Please note the Janus Battery does not include any 510 oil cartridges, pods or atomizers.

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Features & Specs:
Unique Oil Battery for Pods & 510 Cartridges
100% Authentic Airistech Brand Guaranteed
Lightweight, Palm-Size Construction
Dimensions: 33.3mm x 15.8mm x 60.7mm
Device Weight: 36.13g
Top Connection Supports Pods Measuring (14mm x 5.7mm)
Bottom Connection Supports 510 Thread Carts (Top and Bottom Airflow)
Does Not Conceal Cartridges Inside Body
Advanced Lithium-ion Battery with Versatile Output Options
Variable Voltage Output Control System with 3 Presets Designed for Concentrates
15 Second Preheat Warming Mode Made to Help With Thicker Oils and Clogs
Stealthy and Easy to Use One Button Operation with LED Indicators
Press Button 5 Times to Lock or Unlock (Light Flashes 3x)
Press Button 3 Times to Select Voltage (Light Cycles Colors, Press Again to Select)
Press Button 2 Times (Light Cycles Colors, Press Again to Cancel)
Press/Hold to Heat Cartridge for Up to 10 Seconds (Light Displays Output Color)
Long-lasting 650mAh Battery Capacity Covers You All Day
Convenient Micro USB Charging Method (LED Red While Charging, Off When Charged)
Available in 9 Vibrant Color Options

1 x Airistech Janus Mod 650mAh
1 x USB Charging Cable

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Dimensions 10.16 × 7.62 × 2.54 cm


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